Investment Opportunities

The investment undertakings in Yogyakarta are done through the promotion and improvement of investment climate. As a result, the total investment in 2015 reached Rp 11,223,403,242,074,- consisting domestic investment of Rp 3,951,662,458,339,- and foreign direct investment of Rp 7,271,740,783,735,-.

6 potentials industrial centers, comprising Fertilizer Industrial Estate in Bantul, Wates Marine Product Estate in Kulonprogo, Industrial Development Estate in Sleman, Art and Handicraft Market Development in Yogyakarta, and Sentolo Center of Red Chilly in Kulonprogo. Moreover, there also have been processed the development of Piyungan Industrial Estate, Bantul, and Sentolo Industrial Estate, Kulonprogo.

For the list of investment opportunities in Yogyakarta pleas see here.